Monday, October 31, 2016

Montiview Mountain Bike Challenge Course Buck

A couple of weeks ago my latest public project was installed at Montiview Park in Monticello MN.  I am so pleased to present this sculpture, created mainly from donated bicycle parts (& stainless steel) to the City Of Monticello.

 This project was the result of an Artist Initiative Grant I received from the MN State Arts Board.  My project was to create a stainless steel sculpture that would act as a pilot project for a public art on public trails initiative I wanted to start.  My purpose was to get people thinking about trails as a great venue for public sculpture.

I've gotten fantastic feedback from the people in Monticello, who seem to be very pleased with their new sculpture and it's home in a beautiful new park.  I'm already being contacted by other cities interested in adding art to their trails, so so far, I'd say the project was a success!

Here is the postcard from the unveiling event which took place 10/15/16:

 Here are some videos I did of the process:
If anyone would like to see the sculpture in person, here is a map link

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