Monday, October 31, 2016

Montiview Mountain Bike Challenge Course Buck

A couple of weeks ago my latest public project was installed at Montiview Park in Monticello MN.  I am so pleased to present this sculpture, created mainly from donated bicycle parts (& stainless steel) to the City Of Monticello.

 This project was the result of an Artist Initiative Grant I received from the MN State Arts Board.  My project was to create a stainless steel sculpture that would act as a pilot project for a public art on public trails initiative I wanted to start.  My purpose was to get people thinking about trails as a great venue for public sculpture.

I've gotten fantastic feedback from the people in Monticello, who seem to be very pleased with their new sculpture and it's home in a beautiful new park.  I'm already being contacted by other cities interested in adding art to their trails, so so far, I'd say the project was a success!

Here is the postcard from the unveiling event which took place 10/15/16:

 Here are some videos I did of the process:
If anyone would like to see the sculpture in person, here is a map link

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Battle Lake Fish

Hello all.  I can hardly believe I failed to post anything about this earlier.  I have a tendency to post a lot of things "in the moment" on my facebook page, and forget to update things here until later.  In any case, this summer I was very honored to be chosen to create a large outdoor sculpture for the town of Battle Lake MN.  The following 3 videos chronicle that project, and the are a few pictures at the bottom of the post as well.  Enjoy.


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Mid-winter check in

Hello!  Just a quick update:  I still have some wonderful pieces at Seasons On St.Croix Gallery, including this gentle horse, just delivered today. (Approx 25 x 23 x 5")  More new work will be added in March for a group show I'll be participating in. I also have both indoor and outdoor pieces available at Abode Gallery, located in a beautiful little Lake Pepin town (next door to very good pie too!)  Beginning this spring I'll also have work in Door County WI at Woodwalk Gallery.  I'll also be working on a number of public art installations this year, so stay tuned.  (And stay warm!)  :)